Since all transport contracts we agree on your behalf are effected with third parties, our liability is subject to the Italian law as per the Italian Civil Code (ICC) and detailed in the article 1737 ICC and, in any case, our liability can not exceed the legal liability of any single carrier contracted by us and better detailed as follows:

  1. for the domestic inland transports, as fixed by article 1696 ICC as amended by Legislative Decree no. 286 of 21.11.2005
  2. for the international air transports, as fixed by Warsaw Convention of 1929 and following modification protocols.
  3. for the international sea transports, as fixed by the Bruxelles Convention of 1924 and following modification protocols dated 1968 and 1979 (Hague Visby Rules) with the exception of the origins/destinations in the United States of America where is applicable the rule fixed by the U.S. COGSA (Carriage of Goods by Sea Act) dd. 1936.
  4. for the international inland transports, as fixed by Geneva Convention of 1956 (C.M.R.) and following modification protocol dd. 1978.
  5. for the European rail transports, as fixed by the International Rail Transport Convention (C.I.M.) dated 1999.
  6. for multimodal transports, and in case would not be possible to understand without doubts the leg where the event has taken place, liability shall be considered as fixed by the Bruxelles Convention of 1924 and following modification protocols dated 1968 and 1979 (Hague Visby Rules).

Therefore the carriers and consequently T.M.I. SRL SPECIAL SERVICES (unless otherwise agreed in writing), based on the above rules and laws, can be held responsible and therefore liable up to the following value limits (the amount of compensation in respect of any loss or damage to the goods transported shall not exceed the following figures):

  1. Eur 1.00/Kg (gross weight)
  2. SDRs 17.00/Kg (gross weight)
  3. Bruxelles Convention: SDR 2.00/Kg (gross weight) or SDR 666.67 /package or unit (whichever is the higher), U.S. COGSA: Usd 500.00/package or unit
  4. SDRs 8.33/Kg (gross weight)
  5. SDRs 8.33/Kg (gross weight)
  6. As point "3"

SDR means Special Drawing Rights and the value is fixed by the international exchange like any national currency. All info about SDR, including current exchange rates, can be found here.

Understood the above and according to the value of the goods, you are strongly suggested to evaluate the opportunity to cover the goods with an insurance against the risks of transport. Following your request T.M.I. SRL SPECIAL SERVICES can manage to issue on your behalf the proper insurance policy at prices and conditions to be agreed case by case.