Covid -19 emergency update

Many Airlines calling off Services / Shipping lines having blank sailing and which causing unpredictable delays. While we are doing everything we can to move the shipment on time, such an unforeseen situation is completely out of our control which may delay the departure or arrival of the shipment.

Although the free movement of goods is still guaranteed, in many European countries the closings of all commercial activities have become necessary, drastically reducing transportable commodities. Several industrial groups have chosen to close the production establishments, others have planned to do that in the next few days. In each country there are "red areas" that cannot be accessed, the transit warehouses have no longer available storage capacity, as a result the goods that cannot be delivered will have to return to Italy or be stored in third-party warehouses, with expenses paid by the shipper.

It is increasingly difficult to find carriers available to carry out transport, the freight forwarders are undergoing significant price increases and the delivery times have become much longer due to checks by the police authorities during the journey.

You are therefore invited, before proceeding with the confirmation of the collection of your goods, to verify that the consignee is regularly open and to report it to us.

Thank you for your support in order that the resources available for the maintenance of the supply chains can be used efficiently.